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Deliver software to production quickly and securely

Join us for a 3-part series to learn how you can enhance the speed and security of your app delivery value stream—from development to production—enabling a true DevSecOps approach for your organisation:

Session 1 - Build a Multi-Cloud Secure Software Supply Chain

On Demand
Timo Salm, EMEA Senior Lead Solution Engineer VMware Tanzu

As organisations leverage containers and cloud-native practices to rapidly build and modernise apps, this requires a new approach to security and compliance — that doesn't compromise the developer experience.​ Join us as we unpack the building blocks to increase collaboration between dev + sec + ops teams and continuously ship secure software with confidence: ​

  • Embed security into your DevOps practices​
  • Learn the basics of container security​
  • Enable developers to easily build and deploy apps to their cloud of choice

Session 2 - Accelerate Your Path to Secure Production​

On Demand
Timo Salm, EMEA Senior Lead Solution Engineer VMware Tanzu

Attacks on software supply chains have become prolific in the past few years. Organisations are often forced to trade-off between speed and safety, pulling either the performance, ease of use or customisable lever. ​How do you de-risk business investments, and enable better co-ordination of work between dev + sec + ops teams? ​

Attend this session to learn how you can build a compostable, app-aware secure platform with tools you can plug and play: ​

  • Secure you application source code​
  • Manage app dependencies​
  • Secure CI/CD systems​
  • Secure image build & registry​
  • Secure runtimes​

Session 3 - Develop a Modern Security Strategy for Modern Apps

On Demand
Stephane List, EMEA Staff Technical Marketing Architect

The container attack surface has grown in orders of magnitude relative to virtualised applications, providing many more points of entry for attackers, who have already taken notice of the paradigm shift and new software ecosystem. Your modern application strategy must include modern security, throughout the container lifecycle, to be successful, while also integrating into your existing software supply chain.​

Learn how you can ensure that your tools, people, and processes are set up to properly detect, evaluate, and mitigate risks to bring effective container security practices to your organisation and provide coverage of container security throughout the application lifecycle.​

We will be giving away copies of the newly released book: DevSecOps in Practice with VMware Tanzu to a few lucky winners!  

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