VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Connect

June 29th, 2022
8:30am - 2:00pm MT
Denver, CO

Event Intro

Digital transformation is fueling the adoption of Kubernetes, which is being used across all industries today to help automate the deployment, management, and scaling of containerized applications. Along with the fast Kubernetes adoption, enterprises are quickly moving to a multi-cloud reality due to a variety of reasons such as avoiding vendor lock in, minimizing risks, saving cost, customizing solutions, and meeting the exact needs of development teams asking for choices of cloud providers. 

With this multi-cloud reality, building, operating, and managing a Kubernetes-based container infrastructure has become even more challenging. How can you ensure increased Kubernetes operational efficiency, enhanced Kubernetes infrastructure and workload security, and expedite the move to multi-cloud and hybrid cloud?

VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Connect is a ½ day hands-on workshop focused on demonstrating the value of ​standardizing on a Kubernetes platform to manage, monitor, and secure your containers across any cloud and any cluster.

During this workshop we will deep dive into the business value surrounding:

  • Consistent K8s runtime
  • Multi-cloud K8s management plane
  • Platform-wide observability
  • Zero-trust data encryption and mTLS
  • Enterprise-grade integrated LB/Ingress
  • Platform installation and enablement
Pre-requisites: The workshop will utilize VMware Cloud Services (via Customer Connect) and VMware Pathfinder. Before joining the workshop, please follow the below instructions to create a VMware Cloud Services account if you do not have one already. You must use the same email address for your VMware Cloud Services account when logging into VMware Pathfinder to gain access to the workshop.
  1. Sign up for a VMware Customer Connect account through this link. Make sure to follow the prompts to verify your account and complete the registration.
  2. Log in to VMware Pathfinder with the email address used for your VMware Customer Connect account through this link. Use the ‘LOGIN USING MY VMWARE / CSP’ button to login.
  3. Important: You must use the same email address for your VMware Pathfinder login and VMware Cloud Services account.
  4. Note: If you are a VMware employee, do not use a VMware email address. Make sure to follow the prompts to verify your account and complete the registration.

Space is limited, please register now.

Agenda (MT)

8:30–9:00am Event Check in & Breakfast
9:00–9:15am Welcome & Workshop Introduction
9:15–9:35am Challenges faced by Platform teams maintaining Kubernetes Platforms
9:35-10:00am Introduction to Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations
10:00-10:55am How to simplify container management and optimize infrastructure performance across all your clouds
10:55-11:10am Break
11:10-12:40pm Hands-On Self Guided Lab
12:40-1:00pm Closing Remarks + Q&A
1:00-2:00pm Lunch


Bio_Photo_IMG_1366.jpg Thomas Kraus is a Field Principal in VMware's Modern Applications Business Unit where he works on Kubernetes and building modern application platforms. Thomas focuses his time on automation, devops, gitops, and the developer experience on Kubernetes. Thomas comes to VMware from Mesosphere where he was a Managing Principal Architect helping Financial Services customers architect and deploy JupyterHub, Kafka, Spark, Cassandra, and other Big Data frameworks on Apache Mesos and Kubernetes. In his spare time, Thomas enjoys spending time with his family, teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and fishing.
profile2.jpg Bob Bauer is a Kubernetes Staff Solutions Engineer in VMware's Modern Applications Business Unit. Bob has a background in infrastructure and networking and has worked as a Virtualization Engineer and Cloud Networking Architect in the large enterprise.  He then moved to the vendor space working for a Cloud provider helping customers modernize their legacy applications and leveraging Kubernetes.  As part of the Modern Application Platform team at VMware, Bob helps customers leverage the VMware Tanzu Portfolio to Build, Run and Manage their applications on-premise and in the Cloud.

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