Journey to Cloud-Native

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What are cloud-native applications and why do they matter? How can your organisation embark on the journey to cloud-native? Join our VMware Tanzu architects for a 4-part webinar series as we discuss the key topics in this space. These webinars are relevant for both technical and non-technical audiences.

Webinar 1: Introduction to Cloud-Native


Join Eugene Swee, Senior Cloud Native Architect, APJ, VMware Tanzu for an overview of the cloud-native approach to building and running applications, that exploits the advantages of the cloud computing delivery model. Organisations require a platform for building and operating cloud-native applications that automates and integrates the concepts of DevOps, continuous delivery, microservices and containers.

Webinar 2: Introduction to Kubernetes


What exactly is this Kubernetes thing? Why is everyone talking about it and how does it work? In this session, Tan Chong Yong, Cloud Native Architect, APJ, VMware Tanzu will take a look at how Kubernetes helps organisations build a cloud-native environment, as well as container orchestration and management.

Webinar 3: Introduction to Java Spring


Spring is the most popular application development framework for enterprise Java. Since launching in 2002, other frameworks have been added to Spring projects to enable developers to quickly integrate essential technologies and apply best development practices to their applications. In this webinar, Jason Lee, Senior Cloud Native Architect, APJ, VMware Tanzu will evaluate at how developers can quickly leverage on Spring Boot to build and manage their applications on modern cloud native platforms.

Webinar 4: Escaping the Monolithic Mayhem


Application modernisation is ‘de rigueur’ for organisations to keep up with rapidly changing consumer demands and the highly competitive business landscape. Join Soon Tuck Kin, Senior Cloud Native Architect, APJ, VMware Tanzu to learn how to escape the monolithic mayhem and unleash the full capabilities of microservices through the holistic approach of business culture, methodologies, tools and a platform.


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